Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is a non surgical procedure that aims to alter the appearance of lips by increasing their fullness.  This is most commonly done by injecting hyaluronic acid, a substance normally found in our bodies.  Below are some examples of Dr.Kalsow’s work.

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Recovery after lip fillers

Immediately: the lips will be swollen, but there should not be much bruising.  Usually there is no bruising at all.  You can go out if you do not mind your lips appearing big.  You can put on lipstick right away.

1 day: the next day the lips can appear bigger then the first day, especially in the morning, and if you drank alcohol the night before.  Filler absorbs water and swells.  Usually by the end of second day the lips are markedly less swollen.

7 days:  most of the swelling subsides by this time, and lips almost take on their final size.   At this stage occasionally you will feel a bump.  This will go away as the filler settles in.  You do not need to massage anything.

14 days: all the swelling is gone, and this is about how your lips will look for the next 6 months.

6 months: think about getting filler again at this stage to keep up the size of your lips.  If you get it at regular intervals you will require less filler for the same volume.


Case Example — Multiple Filler Sessions to Expand Lips

Initially, the upper lip was very thin.  I first filled it with 1cc of Juvederm.  About 6 months later, middle photo, I filled it with another 1cc of Juvederm.  You can see how the lip expanded between the first and the last photo.

Also, she had some asymmetry (right upper lip was smaller then left).  By far, majority of people have some asymmetry.  I put a little more filler into the right upper lip then into the left side.  In the post injection photo, the asymmetry is improved, but if one looks closely it is still there.  However, it is barely noticeable and everyone was happy with the result.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Will my results look natural?

Yes, unless you tell me you want to have extra large lips.  Some people want their results natural and so no one notices.  They will look refreshed but no one can tell exactly what they did.  Some want a noticeable larger change.  Anything can be done, it depends on what you want.  I usually inject 1cc of filler for lips (full syringe).  Sometimes, I inject less, if a patient wants a more subtle change.  Some patients require more then 1 syringe to achieve their goals.  I give a few months interval in between the injections.

Can I use just half a syringe?

Yes, you can use as little as you want.  I recommend a full syringe, but some of my patients get half.  The cost is still for the full syringe, because the remainder cannot be used on anyone else.  You cannot share a syringe with your friend.


Which type of filler lasts longer?

After hundreds of injections, I did not notice any difference in how long different fillers last.  Some say Restyline, some say Juvederm.  It mostly depends on the metabolism of the patient.


Can you correct the asymmetry of my lips and change their shape?

I can guarantee that your lips will be bigger, but I do not guarantee correction of asymmetry or shape changes.  In many cases the asymmetry (no persons face or lips is 100 percent symmetric from birth) or shape of lips is improved, but I do not guarantee it.


If I do not like my lips when they are filled, can the filler be dissolved?

Yes, all HA fillers are dissolvable.  It takes a few hours for the filler to dissolve after injection of a reversal agent.


Will the filler make my lips sag in 6 months after it goes away?

No, your tissues will go back to your previous baseline.  The fillers do not stretch tissues to the extent to make them sag.


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