Under-eye Filler

Under-eye filler is used to improve signs of aging which begins to occur under the eyes as early as in mid 20s.  It fills the tear trough, and blends the transition between the lower eyelid and the cheek.

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Recovery after Under-Eye filler

Immediately: you might notice some swelling and bruising.  Usually it is minimal, however I tell everyone not to have important events scheduled for about 2 weeks, just in case there is a longer lasting bruise.

Next day: usually there is some bruising which can be covered up with makeup, and some swelling can be present.  The swelling is due to filler absorbing water.  It will improve in a few days.   However, it can last as long as 2 weeks while the filler is settling in.

Two weeks: at this time the bruising and the swelling is gone.  If there is residual swelling in one area or another, it can be given a little more time to settle in, or that area can be corrected with dissolving of filler.  Also, if there is an area that appears under filled, more filler can be placed.  I save the remaining filler in your syringe for two weeks, just in case a correction needs to be made.


Where do I fill?

(For those that like to know the details)

I fill lines 1 and 2.   Some patients just have 1, but if the groove extends all the way to the side, then I like to fill the whole region.  Line 0 cannot be filled.  It is present in children as well as adults, and part of normal anatomy.  If you look at your childhood photos you had that line all along.  Line 3 splits the cheek into two parts.  It comes a little later in life, mid 30s usually.  That line is part of the cheek, and is more difficult to treat.

As we age, we lose fat under the eyes, and the tissues get loose.  The area that was smooth previously, begins to develop lines and shadows.  It is interesting that the tissues do not sag much, but only appear to sag because there is loss of volume and everything under the skin starts to be visible.  Fillers fill that area to smooth out the contour.  People have different anatomy under the eyes.  Some have more bulging fat (especially in the mornings after drinking), some have depressions of varying degrees, and some a combination of both.   All these changes can be improved with fillers.  My goal when I treat this area is to smooth it out as much as possible so that if someone looks at you, the focus is on the eyes and not on the under eye area.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will the filler treat the dark circles under my eyes?

The filler does not change the color of the skin, but injecting it into the tear trough smoothes out the skin, and the color of the skin appears brighter.  But the darker color of the skin next to the eyes is normal, and is due to a very superficial capillary network under the skin.


At what age can I get under eye filler?

Some patients start getting it in mid 20s if they notice grooves or other irregularities under the eye.  The filler lasts for about a year.


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