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Hair Transplant & Restoration Services NYC

“My goal is to make you look as young as I can. We will come up with a plan for your facelift/necklift, based on what areas of the face bother you the most, and what areas aged the most. We will choose a set of procedures, tailored specifically for you, to make you look as young as possible.” 

                          — Dr.Sergei Kalsow, Manhattan plastic surgeon

Hair Restoration & Transplant Procedure Overview

Hair transplantation involves removing small punch grafts from the hair bearing scalp or a larger piece of this scalp from a donor area and cutting this into smaller pieces to use as grafts. These grafts are then relocating to a bald or thinning area of the scalp. The grafts created in this manner differ in size and shape. Round-shaped punch grafts usually contain about 10-15 hairs. The much smaller mini-graft contains about two to four hairs; and the micro-graft, one to two hairs. Slit grafts, which are inserted into slits created in the scalp, contain about four to 10 hairs each; strip grafts are long and thin and contain 30-40 hairs.

After thoroughly cleaning your scalp, a surgeon uses a small needle to numb an area of your head with local anesthesia.

Two main techniques are used to obtain follicles for transplantation: FUT and FUE.

In follicular unit transplantation (FUT):

  1. The surgeon will use a scalpel to cut out a strip of scalp skin from the back of the head. The incision is typically several inches long.
  2. This is then closed with stitches.
  3. The surgeon next separates the removed portion of scalp into small sections using a magnifying lens and sharp surgical knife. When implanted, these sections will help achieve natural-looking hair growth.

In follicular unit extraction (FUE) the hair follicles are cut out directly from the back of the head through hundreds to thousands of tiny punch incisions.

  1. The surgeon makes tiny holes with a blade or needle in the area of your scalp that’s receiving the hair transplant. They gently place hairs in these holes.
  2. During one treatment session, a surgeon may transplant hundreds or even thousands of hairs.
  3. After, the graft, gauze, or bandages will cover your scalp for a few days.

A hair transplant session can take four hours or more. Your stitches will be removed about 10 days after surgery.

You may require up to three or four sessions to achieve the full head of hair you desire. Sessions occur several months apart to allow each transplant to fully heal.

How you feel after surgery depends on the extent and complexity of the procedure. Any aching, excessive tightness or throbbing can be controlled with pain medication prescribed by your physician. If bandages are used, they will usually be removed one day later. You may gently wash your hair within two days following surgery. Any stitches will be removed in a week to 10 days. Be sure to discuss the possibility of swelling, bruising and drainage with your surgeon.

Because strenuous activity increases blood flow to the scalp and may cause your transplants or incisions to bleed, you may be instructed to avoid vigorous exercise and contact sports for at least three weeks. Some doctors also advise that sexual activity be avoided for at least 10 days after surgery.

To make sure that your incisions are healing properly, Dr. Kalsow will most likely want to see you several times during the first month after surgery. It’s important that you carefully follow any advice you receive at these follow-up visits.

While each patient is unique, the usual cost of a hair transplant ranges between $3,500 and $10,000, but can deviate higher or lower depending on your restoration needs/goals. Where you fall in that range will depend primarily on the number of hair grafts you’ll need to achieve the results you want. Dr. Kalsow can give you a true price estimate when they perform your hair and scalp analysis, and the following information will help you understand how hair transplant costs are calculated.

Are you Experiencing hair loss?

The old adage that says…..” You pay for what you get”, could not more true what it comes to surgical procedures, hair transplants being no different, especially if you’re able to afford a little extra in order to get amazing results. Both types, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE), can range in price from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the practitioner performing the procedure and the number of hair follicles that need to be harvested.

The cost of hair transplantation is a key factor for everyone considering hair replacement options. When evaluating hair restoration costs NYC, it’s important to know that the cost of a procedure is as individual as the patient and his or her hair loss.

Dr. Kalsow Will Determine Your Plan And The Cost Of Hair Transplant Based On:

  • Hair loss you’ve experienced so far
  • Amount of donor hair available
  • Characteristics of your donor hair (texture, color, curl, etc.)
  • Your desired results

Hair transplant candidates may be concerned about the conspicuousness of their results, but with a talented and qualified surgeon, “Your scalp will not look like a doll’s head. When performed by a credible physician, the results should not be too obvious,” Dr. Kalsow says. Technically, any physician can perform a hair transplant, so when looking for that credible physician, it’s wise to find someone with extensive surgical hair transplant experience.

With multiple financing and payment options available, hair restoration at Kalsow Plastic Surgery has never been more affordable. Many patients find financing a convenient, affordable way to get the procedure they want right now. You owe it to yourself to speak with a Dr. Kalsow or one of his experience counselors about how you can make your restoration goals possible today.

Financing options are available through third party credit agencies. We’re not affiliated with any of these agencies and does not make any recommendations for or against any of these agencies. We do not receive any remuneration for a person to apply for or receive financing through any of these credit agencies.

We can certainly provide you with a fast estimate and work with you on your financing application to make your hair restoration procedure be as seamless and simple as possible.  Submitting the eConsultantation to get started today and we’ll have an estimate and financing options available for you within 24 business hours.


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