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Blepharoplasty NYC, also know as eyelid surgery, treats the tissues around the eyes to turn back the clock on aging. As our faces age, specific changes occur around the eyes that give an aged and worn down look. Over the eyes, the tissues start to stretch and hang over the eye itself. Under the eyes, the tissues begin to sag, stretch, bags and grooves appear. Eyelid surgery, of the upper and lower eyelids, reverses some of these changes, giving back the youthful and rested appearance.

Our Eyelid Surgery NYC procedure improves the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both. Eyelids are one of the first areas where aging can show and cosmetic eyelid surgery can provide a more youthful appearance.The purpose of eyelid surgery is to give patients a rejuvenated appearance to the surrounding area of your eyes, making you look more rested and alert. Dr. Kalsow is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in NYC one of New York City’s up and coming cosmetics specialists, which is why many patients have chosen Dr. Kalsow as their blepharoplasty surgeon to correct drooping upper eye lifts and puffiness under their eyes (eye bags).  Dr. Kalsow accepts blepharoplasty patients from Manhattan and all across New York City.


Blepharoplasty will allow for mild improvement of the fine wrinkles surrounding the eye. However, these wrinkles are best addressed with resurfacing techniques such as laser or chemical peel and Botox® ,with many of our patients commenting on how (1) it turns back the clock on facial aging, (2) provides a well rested appearance, and for some (3) improved vision if the overhanging skin obstructs the eye.

Frequently asked Questions:

For lower blepharoplasty, or a combination procedure, yes. If it is just upper blepharoplasty, it can be performed under local anesthesia.

Yes, most often it is performed with facelift, fat transfer to face, or other procedures which in combination restore facial youth.

Usually at least 40 years of age. Sometimes younger people get the procedure if they have clear signs of aging around their eyes. Sometimes people in their 20s get lower blepharoplasty fat removal if they have fat bags under their eyes. This condition runs in the family.

The cost of your blepharoplasty could vary depending on whether it’s covered by Insurance or Medicare.  This is why we recommend that you go through a consultation session with Dr. Kalsow.  He will review your specific case and provide you with details that could lower your costs if your case can support medial reasons for having a blepharoplasty.  Schedule Your Consultation Here.

Many older patients ask if blepharoplasty is covered by insurance. This is dependent on the severity of your peripheral visual field loss which needs to be documented by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. This result is then submitted to your insurance and they can determine whether they would cover the cost of your upper eyelid surgery. It is important to note that this is only for upper eyelid surgery and not for lower eyelid surgery.

At Kalsow Plastic Surgery, upper eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure and therefore not covered by your insurance. If you elect to try and get partial reimbursement for your upper eyelid surgery from your insurance, our team can provide you with any of your medical records for you to work with your insurance company.


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