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Brazilian Butt Lift — Local or General Anesthesia

360 Degree Liposuction and fat transfer to hips and buttocks.  Fat is taken from the waist, stomach, and back to make a slim hour glass waist, and injected into hips and buttock, to give an hour glass shape and round buttocks.   Your own fat is used in this surgery, to give you a better shape.  If you are already happy with the size of your buttocks and hips, then you can just narrow your waistline with 360 degree lipo.

Dr.Kalsow performs this procedure under local and under general anesthesia.  It is your choice and preference.  The location can be outpatient plastic surgery center, AAAASF gold standard certified, or in a hospital.   It is a day surgery, and takes about 3 hours to perform.  You will go home the same day.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Enhanced curves and body shape
  • Thinner waistline
  • Removed fat from stubborn areas of the body (we can discuss where you would like the fat removed)
  • Better projecting and shaped buttocks (sometimes impossible to achieve with exercise)
  • The procedure is all natural, using your body’s own fat deposits.
  • Minimal scarring (just incisions for liposuction and fat transfer cannulas).

Recovery from a Brazilian Butt Lift

Immediate: you will be given compression garments to wear for the next few weeks.  You will not be in much pain, the liposuction anesthetizes the areas where surgery was performed.  You will be swollen somewhat and maybe will notice some bruising.  You will go home the same day.

1 week: You can start taking showers two days after the surgery.  You will be close to being back to normal daily activities.  You need to stay off the buttock area for the next few weeks, and will be given instructions on how to do so.

1 month:  at this point your wounds would have healed.  Your swelling will be down 80 percent.  The rest of the swelling will fade over the next 6 months to a year.   Your scars will also fade over this time period.  The amount of scarring at the end will depend on how well your body heals.  In some patients the scars are barely visible, in other patients, you can see very small scars (1/2cm).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my incisions be located?

For each area where liposuction is performed, usually there are two small incisions, which will help me cross tunnel the cannula and remove the fat smoothly. The exact placement of the incisions I will decide on during the surgery, but at your preoperative appointment I can go over and show you where I plan to place them, and how many incisions you will have.

There are many devices to remove the fat, such as laserlipo, smartlipo, etc, which one is better?

I think the main factor is the ability of the surgeon to remove the fat smoothly, and have an aesthetic eye to sculpt the body in the best way possible. The specific device he or she uses is of lesser importance. Studies done at institutions comparing the devices used give mixed results on their benefit.

If you liposuction the fat, where will the fat go when I eat more? Will it go to my other body areas instead?

When the fat is removed from a certain area, those fat cells are gone, and your body does not make new fat cells in that area. You will not start gaining fat in the other areas of your body, unless you gain about 30 pounds of weight. Then you will gain fullness everywhere. By the time we are 10, our bodies already made all the fat cells. When we gain weight they increase in size not number. If fat cells are removed from an area, the body will not make new fat cells there.

Will my skin be loose after taking the fat out?

This depends on the quality of your skin. I will not offer liposuction to someone if I think their skin will not tighten after. Then you will need a surgical procedure to remove the skin with the fat, and not liposuction. If you are young, have no major stretch marks, and no hanging skin, your skin should tighten after liposuction to give you your new shape.

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