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Learn about breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) removes excess skin and tightens loose tissues to restore youthful, attractive breasts. It is an ideal procedure to rejuvenate the look and feel of the breasts for women who have experienced aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. This procedure not only restores more youthful breasts, but it also helps women gain a positive self-image and increase their confidence.

Breast Lift

Benefits of a breast lift

  • Improved shape and projection of breasts
  • More natural position of nipples: they will point forward and not down
  • The size of the areola can be reduced
  • Breasts can be made more symmetric when the lift is performed
  • There will be more fullness in the area of superior breasts

Breast Lift Recovery

Breast Lift Recovery

Immediately:  there will be some bruising and swelling.  You will wear a surgical bra and take pain medications if needed.   Most likely you will go home the same day.

1 week:  In one week you will come for your follow up and to remove the drains if they were placed.  There are usually no sutures to remove because they are absorbable.   Your breasts will still be swollen at this point.  A lot of women choose to return to work with limited activity.

3 weeks: The swelling is 80 percent gone, and the breasts start taking on their post surgical shape.

3 months: This is what your breasts will most likely look.  There will however be some minor changes.

1 year:  The scars will fade.  They will still be visible but, if you scar well, they will be barely visible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a breast lift?

If your nipples are pointing down, if you feel like your breasts are deflated, then you might benefit from a breast lift. If you feel like your breasts are small, and you would like them bigger if you put on a bra, then you might need an implant at the same time.

What type of scars will I have?

It depends on how much lift you need. There are three types of scars. One is just around the nipple, if you need just a 1-2cm lift. If its a little more but not too severe, then you will have a scar around the nipple and down the breast (lollipop). If you need more then 5cm of lift, then you will most likely have an anchor scar: around areola, down the breast, and under the breast. The goal is to have the least scarring as possible for the amount of lift that you need.

Are the results permanent?

The results are generally permanent, however your body will continue to age naturally and with age they might descend again.

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