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Cheek Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation with fillers is a non-surgical method to increase the size of the cheeks, mostly laterally, and balance the face.  The triangle of youth is an upside down triangle, and the two upper corners are the cheeks.  In some cases, if their volume is increased, the face will look more proportional, youthful, and rested.  Other methods to augment cheeks is with fat transfer, or the older method is with implants.

I usually use 1cc of HA filler (Juvederm, Restyline, etc) all together, half in one cheek half in the other.  It gives a small but noticeable increase in volume, and lasts for about a year.  If you desire more augmentation, 2 syringes of filler can be used.  Downtime is minimal.  There is usually no bruising and you can go back to normal activity immediately.

Cheek Augmentation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will cheek filler improve my nasolabial folds?

Theoretically yes, and some say that the best way to improve nasolabial folds is to perform cheek augmentation which pulls the tissues up. I find that the best way to augment the nasolabial folds is to inject right in there. But their improvement with cheek fillers is possible.

If I do not like it, can it be dissolved?

Yes, if we used HA filler. If we used Radiesse, it is non dissolvable. I usually do not use Radiesse, if I do I will discuss it with you first. Radiesse lasts longer but it is not reversible.

Will cheek filler help my under-eye area?

Cheek filler does not effect the under eye area. If you want to treat that area, the tear trough, it is usually a different, thinner filler. I prefer to use Belotero Balance for that area.

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