As we age, the face and neck naturally begins to sag and accumulate fat deposits. Additional factors such as gravity, weight fluctuations, and sun exposure can worsen these effects and even diminish a person’s self-confidence. A facelift is designed to give patients a more youthful neck and face while improving the contour of the jawline by tightening loose neck muscles and eliminating sagging skin. In some cases, solely liposuction may be performed to remove fat deposits from the neck if only a minimal amount of sagging is present. However, if significant excess skin exists, it should be excised in order to provide optimal results.


Benefits of a facelift

  • Smoother neck, and less wrinkles on neck and lower face
  • Smoother jawline and improvement of jowls
  • In some cases the only treatment for the lower face is face/necklift
  • A facelift is one of few interventions that can take 10-15 years off your age

Recovery From a Facelift

Immediate: you will wake up with a head wrap and cool towels on our face.  You will spend about an hour or two in recovery room and then your ride can take you home.

2 days: the swelling and bruising will be present but you will be able to get around yourself and perform daily activities.

1 week: you will return within a week for a checkup and to remove the dressings.  You will have some swelling, but results should start to be visible.

2 weeks: you will return to remove the stitches and for a wound check.  The swelling will be much improved at this point.

1 month: your result will start to be more visible and scars will be healing.  You will be 80 percent healed at this point.  The rest 2o percent will be healing over the next few months.

6 months – 1 year: final result will become visible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I look fake and will my face be stretched after my facelift?

No, if done properly, a facelift gives a very natural result. You see the people that had it overdone, but those who had it done appropriately you do not know that they had a facelift.

Can other procedures be combined with a facelift?

Yes, other procedures for facial rejuvenation are usually added. Facelift mostly treats the lower half of the face. During a facelift, blepharoplasty, fat grafting, or facial laser can be added. Each persons face ages differently, and needs a tailored treatment plan.

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