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Kybella is an FDA approved fat dissolving agent.  It aims to reduce localized deposits of fat by direct injection into that area.  Most commonly it is used under the chin, or on the fullness lateral to the breast right next to the shoulder.  It is made from bile acids, the same molecules that are found in the gallbladder, that dissolve the fat.  When injected into tissues it dissolves the fat cells, and then over weeks to months, your body reabsorbs those fats cells and excretes them.  It usually takes 2-4 treatments for good results.  Alternative is liposuction of that area.


Recovery after Kybella injections

Immediately there will be swelling and some burning.  The burning will last for a few minutes, but the swelling will last for a few weeks.  First few days it will be very noticeable.  In 1-2 weeks the fullness will go back to baseline, but you will not see the result.   1-3 months the result will start to be visible.


Frequently Asked Questions

How far apart should I do my treatments?

It is recommended that you wait at least a month. So anywhere from one to three months is ideal.

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