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Patient Resources

Preparing for surgery

What is needed before having surgery? There are a few items needed to make your experience safe and rewarding. Whether your surgery is several weeks away or if you are just interested to know the process, this blog will give you more details.  Please take note of the following.

Medical Clearance:  Start now to get medical clearance if you are over 50 or have a medical history of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or any other chronic medical condition.  These health issues should be stable and well controlled.  This may take several weeks because of your primary care physician’s schedule.  If additional testing or an adjustment medication is ordered by your doctor it may add even more time.  The medical clearance letter from you primary care doctor is due 3 weeks before your surgery date.   It can be emailed to: or faxed to us.

Patient Resources

Nicotine: Any nicotine exposure is a cause for cancellation for face lifting, abdominoplasty, breast lifting, breast reduction or significant liposuction.  Nicotine interferes with blood flow in a profound way that often leads to severe complications.  “Nicotine free” vapor cigarettes still contain nicotine!  If you are a nicotine user of any type including gum or patches, you need a minimum of 4 weeks without exposure.  This is done for your safety and to allow your body to heal the best it can.  No smoking for 6 weeks after the surgery as well.

Payment: once we choose the date of surgery, payment is due in full 3 weeks before the surgery date.  We accept credit cards and all common forms of payment.  Your full payment includes three portions:  the operating room fees, the anesthesiologist fee, and the surgeons fee.   If any revisions are needed after my policy is not to charge the surgeons fee, if performed within one year after the surgery date.

On the day of surgery

Nothing to eat or drink after 12 midnight prior to surgery.  If you take medications, such as for blood pressure, take them as usual with a small sip of water.  Any other intake of fluid, or food, however small, will lead to cancellation of ur surgery.

Free up your schedule completely on the day of surgery.  Even if your surgery is in the afternoon, we might ask you to come in earlier.  We will decide and let you know your arrival time two days prior to your surgery.

Make sure you have an adult to pick you up, and make arrangements to have someone with you for a few days, depending on the operation you are having.  If you come from out of town, please make arrangements to be close to the office for a week after the surgery.

Patient Resources

Pain medications:   Dr.Kalsow will send your pain medications to your pharmacy prior to your surgery date.  Fill them, prior to surgery so you have them ready after the procedure.

Compression gowns/dressings:  Dr.Kalsow will provide you with these after the surgery, depending on the procedure you are having.

If you have any questions after your surgery you can call: (646) 653-2287.

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